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Photo Studio

currently at the Spektral

Photo: next course November 2nd at 5.30PM

Creative Management: Martina Reithofer

Organization and Creativity: Renate Buchgraber

The photo studio serves to connect photographers with very different approaches to photography and different working practises. You can present your ideas and thoughts considering photograph works, there will be space for feedback and discussions as well as we are going to do photo excursions and will talk about different focuses, such as manual photography, picture editing, black/white pictures,…

We are going to focus on a particular topic for some time and you can work on your photographs in interaction with the other participants. Our aim is to organize an exhibition to present our works in a larger scope and make them available for the public. We are planning to visit exhibitions together, to participate in photographic competitions or invite photographers to benefit from their experience.

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photography is like speaking without thinking… a language to provoke thoughts… a style of writing… to free yourself… a lifestyle… if you recognize yourself in this and if you like to express yourself in pictures, whether you are an expert, young artist or a complete layperson, come and join us to cooperate in elaborating topics and participating in exhibitions

Doing a shooting is the best way to shoot at all – so let’s do it together!


Retrospect on the Photo Studio (February – June 2010)

You are going to meet Stefanie Grebien, Martina Reithofer and Birgit Hofstadler at the photo studio. They will guide you between February and June from your first ideas to the exhibition taking place in June (in the Kulturkompetenz-Zentrum Annenstraße). We are not only concentrating on the work in the photo studio but we will offer as much scope as possible to help you develop your ideas and perspectives and to let you implement them.

TimeOut contact person photo: Renate Buchgraber


Presentation of Photo Attendants:

Martina Reithofer

born in 1978 in Graz

attended College for “Fine Art Photography % Multimedia Art” in Graz

worked as a photographer for “der Grazer”, “Croce&Wir”

participation as artist in various projects and exhibitions: photoGraz(06); Zeichensäle TU-Graz (06); Verein Initiativ (07); Galerie Centrum (07); Maribor20Graz (07/08); Baume & Mercier Time Award (08); Diagonale (08); Lendwirbel (09)
Emphasis on: BW Photography; People, Travel, abstract art…

Searching for paths nobody has walked before to leave footprints instead of dust…



Stefanie Grebien

Training in sculpture and photography in Graz and Vienna

various exhibitions, e.g. 2009 "Jahrmarkt der Eitelkeiten" Galerie DNS, Graz;

1997/1998 Master class for Art and Design, Graz

1998 – 2006 Studies of Sculpture at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Prof. Mag. Gerda Fassel

Studio Photography at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna

Academy for Applied Photography in Graz




Birgit Hofstadler

born in 1979 in Graz

Photographer, Singer (Popvox, Blossom,…) and actress

Studies of Musicology

several years of active independent youth work

Academy for Applied Photography in Graz

Co-Founder of Artist collective “Essenz”

Exhibitions: "Tratari" - Graz 05, "Warum nicht Lila?" and "Sonne wie Sand am Meer" - Essenz - Graz 06, "Turmbau zu Babel" - Essenz - Wien and Weiz 07/08, photo_graz_08 - Künstlerhaus Graz, "Jahrmarkt der Eitelkeiten" - DNS - Graz 09