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Writing Workshop

Active program: Writing (next course)

November 16th, 6PM

The creative process will be carried out by the group. Rene Hauptmann, Cornelia Dinsleder are doing the organizational stuff… contact us at any time by sending an e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

On October 19th writing -evenings, -nights, -activism (implementing texts in the public) will begin. Considerable change of perception and identity may occur.

All timeOut participants and anyone who is interested in have the opportunity to be part of a literary inspiring space, to exchange information with other writers, to participate in readings, to plan a joint book project and, from time to time, to debate with established authors.

Dates: October 19th, from 6-9PM
November 16th and 30th, from 6-9PM

Regular writing workshops will take place every third Tuesday of the month at 6PM. Of course you can leave earlier or come later. Together we discuss ideas, wishes, needs and requirements of writing. You are invited to bring your own ideas how to organize our Tuesdays.


Retrospect on the timeOut project – writing workshops (February – June 2010)

Between 12 and 14 participants let their creative imagination concerning linguistic expression run free and were inspired by their trainers who brought own texts with them. Workshop experienced authors helped with valuable tips during the writing process. The emphasis was on finding one’s own approach to the mentioned topics; the content and style of the texts were free.

During March and April writing workshops with authors took place in the Literaturhaus. One was with Martin Ohrt and the other was with Sophie Reyer. In June a book including the texts of those writing workshops, photographs of the photo workshops and pictures from improv theatre was printed. Also in June a music-literature-experiment with Gregor Fasching took place. Participants of the writing workshops together with G. Fasching involved in creating and producing a song.

TimeOut contact person: Michael Zawodzki.


Sophie Reyer

born in 1984 in Vienna

published a volume of poetry entitled “geh dichte” in 2005

worked as a composer (“ichsplitter”, “ritscheratsche” …)

novels: “vertrocknete vögle”, “baby blue eyes”

compositions with a sound installation “yearning creatures”

premier of “Schneewittchenpsychose” in 2009


Martin Ohrt

born in 1962 in Graz

1989/90 study visit to the former GDR

co-publisher of literal journal “Perspektive”

founder of the Jugend-Literatur-Werkstatt Graz (youth-literature-workshop)

multiple scholarships for literature

premier of the play “Überall Ausland”


More about writing Workshops

Here you can find more detailed information concerning the course of the project.

Friday, February 5th 2010 at 1:52AM


Writing… Free Writing

Writing is something I do almost every day. Creative? Well, that’s not so easy to answer – I think creativity often hides somewhere behind my lines, covered and unnoticed.

Free Writing: that’s something I haven’t done for ages. I think the writing workshop will give me the opportunity to free write again. That really appeals to me. What would I make up, what would I devise to deal with the topic “work”?

During the past years I have watched a lot of documentary films about unequal distribution of essential goods (something essential should not be treated as a good, but simply be available everywhere for living). I have read about and watched films about massive pollution of our planet and I have read and watched about and also experienced myself the apparently never-ending dance around the golden calf “money”. This would probably be the point to pick up. What would I write? I think for the sake of variety I would focus on myself. During my studies at university I constantly had to think about which information someone could need from me or how I should express something to appeal. I’m done with that!

The way I process information and the way I express myself has suffered deformation. My flexibility concerning language seems to be the on a par with the physical fitness of factory worker after having performed the same repeated task for 25 years. I have the intention to (re)discover unfamiliar linguistic territory.

What holds me back from doing so? I already have plenty of writing obligations; my dissertation waits to be finished. However, it feels so good to write some lines just for myself. No, that’s not work for me. Pleasure. Work and Pleasure – are seldom found together. Why does work expel pleasure? Does work have to be exhausting? Avert gaze away from work… towards happiness. Work, casting shadows, but not only. It is life-dominating, life-domesticating. A monstrosity… a blessing for ailing national budgets through Inland Revenue. Spare-time, and the rest? Forced-time? But, one doesn’t always have to be so dualistic!? I am looking forward to all the facets the different writers will contribute to this topic, to bring it to shine, add a sparkle to it, make it glitter and reflecting.