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Improv Theatre

Improv Theatre

Currently at the Spektral
Improv: next course October 26th at 6.30PM

Improv trainer: Ulli Brandtner (A big thank you for doing this without charging us)

Organization: Gerald Zisser-Pfeifer

Send an e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

On October 12th we will start a new improv group. We invite our former timeOut participants as well as anybody who is interested in to come to the courses in October (12th, 26th) and November (9th, 23rd) to have a look and become part of the group. In December we will continue our meetings with the new built group until the performance show which is intended to take place in spring or early summer next year.

Our aim is to become an independent improv group which is able to develop scenes and transform them into a story. We will work on what we have already achieved in order to inspire the audience.

If you fancy coming send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you have questions, Gerald will lend you an ear.


Retrospect on the improv theatre: (February – June 2010)

The improv trainings with Simon Windisch and Jürgen Gerger started in February and ended in June. An improv theatre performance took place in order to conclude the trainings.


Impressions from our trainings:


Our improv theatre trainers, we highly recommend:

Jürgen Gerger

applied drama teacher, adaption and performance for children and youths of “The Merchant of Venice”, “Glaube und Heimat” (Karl Schönherr), "Die Schnecke, die wissen wollte, wer ihr Haus geklaut hat" (adaption of a children’s book)

Supervision of theatre workshops at schools

completion of Educational Science at the University of Graz

currently working for Ludovico (games pedagogy)


Simon Windisch

studied German linguistics, philosophy and media at the University of Graz

studied Dramaturgy in Vienna

worked as Applied Drama Teacher for TaO!

Supervisor of different cultural projects

Chairman of "Theater drahtseilakt“

member of „Brachma Bravda Schreibzirkels“, writing group

organization of several festivals: Improve your life, Abgelehnt, Parabel;

Direction tasks for: "Das heilige Kind", "Der Direktorstellvertreter", "Säen, Ernten, Schießen", "MeinMeinungsMark", "Das wilde Kind"

Head of TaO!-Theaterwerkstätten (theatre workshop)

The Improv theatre performance to conclude the trainings took place on June 26th 2010 at 7PM at Niesenbergergasse 16 which we think was successful, we hope you think so too.



More about the improv theatre:

Here you get to know more about how the improv theatre will be like:

First of all we thought about the impressions that come to our mind when we talk about work, unemployment and Europe. These inputs can be used to stimulate the creative adaption in improv theatre. Of course they might be valuable for the other creativity sections too.

- What do different people associate with the term work?

- What does it mean to search a job, what kind of problems, duties or emotions can arise?

- What comes to your mind when thinking of gender issues related to work?

- How do I feel in my job, which opportunities do I have for the future?

- How is the situation of asylum seekers, migrants,… in terms of work in Austria?

- What would be, if…? (unfulfilled life courses)

- How do career aspirations change during ones life?

- Are there social barriers when realizing your career aspirations? If so, which effects can this have?

- How did the working environment change during the centuries?

- What can lead to unemployment?

- Are there any alternatives to our economic system?

- What does it mean to me to lead a fulfilled life? Which factors are playing a decisive role? How important is my job?

- How are the chances to work and how much are people paid in different countries?

- How could life be in 200 years?

- What is more important for me; earn a lot of money or find a satisfying job?