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Retrospect on the project close-out

The vernissage taking place at the „Kulturkompetenz-Zentrum Annenstraße“ (Niesenbergergasse 16) added a note of glamour to those premises and attracted many visitors. Together with impressing photographs dealing with the topics work and unemployment, Michi and Stö, our band (guitar, cajon, vocal) contributed with their vibrant music to that successful event. The visitors loved to stay long…

The book and the exhibition catalogue can be ordered by sending an e-mail to Cornelia Dinsleder

The reading was well attended too. The audience listened carefully to the lecturers who added their personal note to the literary output. One text was accompanied by a cello player what enriched the atmosphere created through words in a sonorous way. In the end we listened to a song which implemented literal texts from “Gemeinsam…” [“Together…”] and enjoyed the book presentation.

About the book:

Preface about the creativity fields

Literary Output of the writing workshops – for example: "Papierarbeit", "Graue Welt", "Utopischer Speisezettel", "In die Ecke gedrängt", "Arbeiten und Leben in einem Zug", "In der Xaver Königssiedlung" ... and many more

Insights into improvisational theater (improv)

Selected photographs of participants

The book can be purchased for € 5,00, the exhibition catalogue costs € 3,00.


The audience as well as the actors themselves were fascinated by the improve show. Full house again! Most of the actors stood on a stage for the first time but showed a great performance. We especially would like to thank Michael Brantner our improve musician and our presenter Jürgen Gerger…

Conclusion: it were wonderful and inspiring months with timeout… the creative opening to different fields highly enriched personal and work skills


“No time to waste”

…was selected as a motto for 2010 in the survey on our homepage. Maybe this sentence can inspire further projects… I’d like to know what this means to the about 37% who voted for it… I’m curiously waiting to receive some e-mails (Cornelia D.).

To close the official part, the Art and Culture Project timeout from Graz invited to the Kulturkompetenz-Zentrum Annenstraße (Niesenbergergasse 16) in Graz on June 26th 2010.

40 young artists presented their work, vernissage, reading, book presentation and improv show to the audience.



vernissage accompanied by the band “Michi and Stö”


What a picture can tell

Photographs of about 15 young artists were presented: In only four months they developed their visions related to work and unemployment in which they were guarded by experienced photographers…





Reading, Book and Song presentation

The reading related to work and unemployment showed prose, poems, dialogues and short stories to express different environments, emotional states and paces concerning the story-telling. A cello player served as background music and was part of the reading as well as a song presentation. There is a book available including texts, photographs and background information related to the timeout project.


Improv show with improv musician Michael Brantner

An eclectic group practised with a lot of joy and played with full effort and commitment to please the audience. Improv musician Michael Brantner und improv trainer Jürgen Gerger did their best to support the group in their performance. In improv theatre the stories evolve from the moment and are as versatile as life itself.


a.moebe – Party: minimal breakbeat jazz






The guests celebrated wildly and later danced through the night…



Voices of participants

timeOut means to me… great people who push each other and set their course for a shared objective with giving everybody the opportunity to find one’s own way

timeOut means to me… NO TIME TO WASTE! Here – today – now… AND tomorrow!

A picture is worth a thousand words…

If the limits of my language are the limits of my world (Wittgenstein) then I can extend my limits of the world through language – language opens up new worlds…

Bodies that move, communicate and sing combine pictures, words and sounds in ever new and different ways in improv theatre….