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TimeOut project becomes timeOut!

New scene of events is the Spektral, at Lendkai 45, (8020 Graz).

Photo Studio, Writing Workshops, Improv Theatre

From October on, open and free of charge for everyone who is interested in photography, writing or improv theatre.


Upcoming events:

Photo: first Tuesday every month

Writing: third Tuesday every month

Improv: second and fourth Tuesday every month


Photo Studio (next course):

November 30th, 5.30PM
Creative Management: Martina Reithofer
Organization and Creativity: Renate Buchgraber

The photo studio serves to connect photographers with very different approaches to photography and different working practises. You can present your ideas and thoughts considering photograph works, there will be space for feedback and discussions as well as we are going to do photo excursions and will talk about different focuses, such as manual photography, picture editing, black/white pictures,…

We are going to focus on a particular topic for some time and you can work on your photographs in interaction with the other participants. Our aim is to organize an exhibition to present our works in a larger scope and make them available for the public. We are planning to visit exhibitions together, to participate in photographic competitions or invite photographers to benefit from their experience.

Send an e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Writing Workshops (next couse):

November 16th, 6PM
The creative process will be carried out by the group. Rene Hauptmann, Cornelia Dinsleder are doing the organizational stuff… contact us at any time by sending an e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

On October 19th writing -evenings, -nights, -activism (implementing texts in the public) will begin. Watch out: Considerable change of perception and identity may occur!

All timeOut participants and anyone who is interested in, have the opportunity to be part of a literary inspiring group, to exchange information with other writers, to participate in readings, to plan a joint book project and, from time to time, to debate with established authors.

Dates: October 19th, from 6-9PM, November 16th and 30th, from 6-9PM

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Improv Theatre (next course):

November 23rd at 6.30PM (come and have a look…)
Improv trainer: Ulli Brandtner (A big thank you for doing this without charging us)
Organisation: Gerald Zisser-Pfeifer

Send an e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

On October 12th we will start a new improv group. We invite our former timeOut participants as well as anybody who is interested in to come to the courses in October (12th, 26th) and November (9th, 23rd) to have a look and become part of the group. In December we will continue our meetings with the new built group until the performance show which is intended to take place in spring or early summer next year.

Our aim is to become an independent improv group which is able to develop scenes and transform them into a story. We will work on what we have already achieved in order to inspire the audience.

If you fancy coming send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you have questions, Gerald will lend you an ear.

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Gerald reflecting on the further development of timeOut: Basically, timeOut is about creation, about development of your skills by venturing out and becoming more self-confident through being an artist within an art collective.


Project close-out…

…took place on June 25th and 26th at Niesenbergergasse 16


Official opening of the vernissage:

Renate Buchgraber (at the right), then our coach and writing workshop trainer Martin Ohrt, Michael Zawodzki,
Denise Dornmayr, Cornelia Dinsleder, Birgit Hofstadler, Stefanie Grebien, at the very right: Bernd Thurner

Well attended vernissage; Conceptual photography dealing with work and unemployment


Mich and Stö rocked the house! Enjoying the pictures


Improv theatre: Dorit and group Michael Brantner (improv musician) Gerald and Stefan



Thank you timeOut participants: You exceeded our expectations by far in every single way!

Next date: maybe in autumn…

Photo Studio – how it was



Writing Workshops – how it was


The reading, presentation of the musical version and book presentation took place on June 26th at 5PM

Pictures of the Reading are going to be included…



Improv Theatre – how it was


TimeOut = writing, photography, improv theatre and discussion…


from February till June 2010

about: Work and Unemployment

On February 13th about 25 people gathered at ISOP to meet the trainers and get to know about the project itself. This meeting was characterized by intensive exchange of views, constructive and stimulating requests to speak and plenty of ideas. In the afternoon the members had the opportunity to experience improv theatre, photography and writing themselves; our trainers did a great job on this. (there was plenty of enthusiastic feedback)

We want to dedicate a big thank you to our participants and training staff again! It was so exciting to bring together those different creative areas and to build a network, what participants have wished for.

On June 25th and 26th the project finished with a reading, an improv show and a vernissage. The big topic “Work” was tackled in different ways to reflect upon it in all its facets, to deal with it and to work on it.


The title “timeOut. Arbeit-S-Los” is kind of a pun and can be interpreted as follows:

- dealing with the fortune of work
- in the sense of starting to work
- leading to an examination of unemployment

Unemployment, as a topic, was presented by Andrea Stadlmann on February 13th as part of our kick-off-event. Here you can download the presentation (in German).

During the kick-off-event our participants contributed to the creation of a climate of confidence. Several people asked to cooperate across borders; Therefore, some took the chance to participate in more than one creativity area.

All participants we got to know at the kick-off-event and during the workshops can be proud of themselves for being part of our highly successful timeOut project; thank you! We are looking forward to meeting you again in timeOut at the Spektral!

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